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Ich bin AttilaHello,

my name is Attila Goral von Birkenhain.

I was Silkes’ first Hucul horse,

the big star and therefore I am the one welcoming you on this Website.

You can find out all about my Hucul family by clicking on the link “HORSES”.

Here in Polling/Tyrol we are trained for various duties.

What I like most is so called circus training – when doing this I can really show all my talents.

Attila - The movie

Short description of Attila and Hucul horses in general.

But my colleagues and I do not only like to “play”. We are very versatile horses, are sure-footed in the outdoors, very talented when doing show jumping and are very eager to learn new movements in dressage and driving.

Silke und Attila


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